3 main goals of the right skin care regimen for you

In my opinion, there are 3 main goals in using good skincare products. It’s the, “Why are we spending time and money on these anyway?”

3 main goals of skin care products:

  1.  Preventing further damage both from light/sun and the environment to our skin;
  2.  Keeping our skin looking beautiful by optimizing hydration, barrier function and cell turnover, and minimizing irritation
  3. Helping to repair past superficial damage to skin. You cannot repair deep damage to skin with skin care products. They don’t go deep enough.

So let’s go back to your questions. Here’s where I would start. You’ll need to let go of past assumptions and question things. Remember most 43 year olds, even those with acne, do not have oily skin any more except in the T-zone.

Creating the right skin care regimen

First go back to the basics and in this order:

  • AM  – gentle cleanser, antioxidant, moisturizer if needed, high zinc sunscreen
  • PM –  gentle cleanser, moisturizer, retinoid cream
  • Stop everything else and don’t add any else, until you are sure your skin is happy with these, then you can try adding one product at a time a few weeks apart.
  • See a dermatologist if you have persistent acne, rosacea, eczema, etc despite doing the above

For you specifically, ask these questions:

  • Differin is very drying and the gel is formulated for young, oily skin. Could you be irritated by it now and do you need to consider a different retinoid product – there are many options?
  • The Dr. Jart Cermidin Liquid is doing what exactly for you? Sounds like you are dry and irritated. Consider taking a break entirely from it. Try a midweight moisturizer that is noncomedogenic.
  • What percentage is your antioxidant polyphenol (or for others Vitamin C, etc). The better antioxidants tell you what percentage they are. Most of these have too little active in them to do much.
  • Does your sunscreen contain at least 10-18% zinc? You live in Florida!!!

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