Can Botox/Dysport be done in lower face and around the mouth?

The answer to this is yes, but only if it’s done correctly. Otherwise you might look like you’ve had a stroke, have a lopsided smile, or can’t eat or sip through a straw without drooling. These are all temporary, but can be really annoying to live with for 3-6 months. The key to this is correct anatomic placement and using very small amounts. They are NOT usually used for fine lines in other areas of the lower face.

Where should Botox/Dysport be done around mouth:

  • A few small drops around the lips soften and prevent development of upper lip lines. Too much and the mouth moves funny and may cause problems with eating and drinking.
  • A small amount in the muscle that pulls the corner of the mouth down helps the mouth look friendlier. Too much or incorrect placement, and the smile looks funny or lopsided.
  • A small amount in the chin muscle, makes that orange peel look on the chin go away. Too much and the same problem as above.

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